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02:42pm 20/07/2004
  Hey! I just joined...that's ok right? Anyway, my name is Stephanie, I'm 22 and I love to party! I love dancing and having a good time especially with hot guys. I'll have to find a photo to post, I'll do that soon, promise ;)  
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09:06pm 07/06/2004
  I loved paradise hotel....I thought that it was supposted to come back on or something??
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07:45pm 25/04/2004

Name: Monica
Location: Florida

i love to party and have a good time. i have a thing for tequila. im honest and i speak whatever is on my mind i dont care if no one likes what i have to say!
01:13pm 01/03/2004
  Forever eden Premieres tonight at 9/8c! This looks like its gonna be the trashiest show yet on fox. Heres a clip I found from the show.
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Hey I'm new 
04:46am 28/01/2004
  Name: Chuck, Chuckie,or Charlie
Age: 19, 20 on the 4th of Feb
Location: Michigan right outside of Detriot
I'm gay and I have been called the slut but all I have to say about that is if someone has to be it might as well be me. but I have been know for the words "damn shes hot" come out of my mouth Like I said I can be a slut.and because I'm gay I can be a bitch as well. so don't fuck with me. And I wont fuck with you.
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09:28pm 24/01/2004

Name: Emily
Age: 20
Location: South Carolina
I'm not the Barbie girl, I'm not the slut, and I'm not the bitch. I'm just here to play thegame... GAME ON! ;)
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