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Two tickets to Paradise

Two tickets to paradise
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Liked the show paradise hotel? Well here is your chance to PRETEND you are in it. I've been looking all over the place for a community like this and have yet to find one, so I thought, why not make your own?

This is similar to FOREVER EDEN. So if you are a fan of that show, please join too.
I am currently looking for 5 girls and 5 guys to be my first 10 guests at paradise. I will be your host, and a participant as well. The game will go much like the show. We will pair up, we will play games like Pandora's box, etc. Right now anyone who wants to join can join until I have ten people. I will need a small picture of you and a tiny profile.

Once I have the ten people, guest will be voted on and off and original people will go.

Apply now!


~~~~~~Girls~~~~~ (4 spots left)

Name: Minibrit
Location: Florida
I am your host as well as a guest. This does not mean though that I cannot be kicked out....but I will probably hold a grudge against you if you do :-)

Name: Emily (audiopunkheart)
Age: 20
Location: South Carolina
I'm not the Barbie girl, I'm not the slut, and I'm not the bitch. I'm just here to play thegame... GAME ON! ;)

Name: Monica
Location: Florida

i love to party and have a good time. i have a thing for tequila. im honest and i speak whatever is on my mind i dont care if no one likes what i have to say!
~~~~~~Guys~~~~~ (4 spots left)
Name: Chuck, Chuckie,or Charlie (chuckish)
Age: 19, 20 on the 4th of Feb
Location: Michigan right outside of Detriot
I'm gay and I have been called the slut but all I have to say about that is if someone has to be it might as well be me. but I have been know for the words "damn shes hot" come out of my mouth Like I said I can be a slut.and because I'm gay I can be a bitch as well. so don't fuck with me. And I wont fuck with you.